Sample Menus

From Tastebuds,

Appetizer samples
Empanadas (beef or chicken filled turnovers)
Sorullitos (Spanish cornmeal sticks with dipping sauce)
Canastas de plátano (beef or chicken filled plantain cups)
Ceviche shooters

Menu 1
Garden Salad with choice of dressings
Spanish Rice (yellow rice with green pigeon peas)
Yucca in garlic sauce
Traditional Roasted Pork
Chicken Fricassee (in Creole sauce)
Spanish Coffee

Menu 2
Caesar Salad
White Rice with Spanish style red kidney beans
Sweet Plantains
Traditional Roasted Pork
Pineapple Glazed Ham
Spanish Coffee

Menu 3
Potato Salad
Spanish rice (Jibaro with red kidney beans)
Roasted vegetables
Chicken Marsala
Churrasco Steak with chimichurri sauce
Spanish Coffee

***Wedding cake cutting service included in all packages